iRobot changes

iRobot changes

Dear iRobot Customers,

There has been a change in the  distribution of iRobot products in Hungary.


 I have been informed by the representative of Certus Mercatus Ltd. and iRobot Corp. that as of 1st of January 2014, iRobot products will be distributed and represented by Certus Mercatus Ltd.

Therefore, the Hungarian distributor contact details on the official website have been changed to Certus Mercatus Ltd.

As you may have noticed, there have been some shortages of product supplies not experienced before; due to some changes to the distribution model formed in the past years. In the model operating until now, our company have done the sales and distribution, introduced and built the brand, created all sorts of documentation (user manuals, flyers, adverts, commercials, product info pages and descriptions, etc.). It will be the task of the new importer to provide you with all this in the future. 

As I have not been officially informed about their start-up, despite my best intentions, I cannot provide you any information on this. Regarding products earlier bought from Robotguru Trading House, they will be, of course, be serviced and handled according to the usual structure.

To the best of my knowledge, Certus Mercatus Ltd. have not enabled the import of any iRobot products with the earlier conditions since 1st January 2014, so I cannot give you relevant and adequate information on sales and distribution. Their official website is:  www.iroboteurope.hu

Robotguru Trading House and its Team will operate as independent robotic experts in Hungary in the future. Our existing and new costumers will find an increasing product range and the usual high standard of service when visiting us.

Thank you all for your cooperation and trust so far.

May you have any queries or concerns, please email to kiss.attila@robotguru.hu

May the robot be with you.
Best regards,

Attila Kiss


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